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Yoga, Meditation & More…Join us for Workshops & Events at Embody Wellness

Embody is proud to host a broad range of events, workshops and courses throughout the year. For information on hiring our studio for your event, please click here.

Introduction to Meditation

Join Doretta Natalucci for this calming and enlightening introduction to meditation and mindfulness designed to give you invaluable tips and techniques for finding inner peace amongst the chaos of daily life.

Meditation and mindfulness are very much in the press these days - mainly due to the many benefits derived from regular practice such as increased energy levels, reduced levels of stress, improved concentration and better sleep quality. Regular meditation can also inspire you to develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness – qualities that benefit both you and those around you!

This workshop is ideal for beginners as well as experienced practitioners looking to diversify and deepen their meditation experience.

Introduction to Meditation with Doretta Natalucci
When: Saturday 17th January
Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Cost: £25
Yoga for Runners & Cyclists

Injury-proof your body and strengthen your resolve with a two-hour workshop designed specifically for runners and cyclists. Led by Lexie Williamson, this practical session will combine yoga’s physical postures with mental training methods to ensure the body and mind stay strong throughout training and racing.

Learn how to:

  • Maintain muscular balance and prevent injury through targeted stretching.
  • Perform functional core strength techniques for improved power and posture.
  • Control the mind and maintain pace with a simple 1-10 counting method.

Yogis and non-yogis welcome. Handouts provided.

When: Saturday 24th January
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Cost: £25
One Flow Zen - Winter Yoga & Qi Gong

In this first of four seasonal workshops led by Wilmien Bos we will combine Qi Gong standing postures and exercises with gentle yoga sequences to cleanse and re-charge the flow of Qi (vital energy) in the Ren Mai Channel (Conception Vessel) and Du Mai Channel (Governing Vessel). This subtle way of practising works to promote inner stillness, mindfulness and emotional calm, and enhances our natural defence system by balancing the yin-yang elements of the body.

Each workshop in this series relates to a specific season and includes detailed information on exercises which can be practiced daily until the next seasonal change when a new set of exercises are introduced.

One Flow Zen Winter with Wilmien Bos
When: Saturday 7th February
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Cost: £25