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Yoga, Meditation & More…Join us for Workshops & Events at Embody Wellness

Embody is proud to host a broad range of events, workshops and courses throughout the year. For information on hiring our studio for your event, please click here.

Introduction to Meditation

Join Doretta Natalucci for this calming and enlightening introduction to meditation and mindfulness designed to give you invaluable tips and techniques for finding inner peace amongst the chaos of daily life.

Meditation and mindfulness are very much in the press these days - mainly due to the many benefits derived from regular practice such as increased energy levels, reduced levels of stress, improved concentration and better sleep quality. Regular meditation can also inspire you to develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness – qualities that benefit both you and those around you!

This workshop is ideal for beginners as well as experienced practitioners looking to diversify and deepen their meditation experience.

Introduction to Meditation with Doretta Natalucci
When: Saturday 29th November
Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Cost: £25
Props Workshop

In August of this year Mr B.K.S. Iyengar passed away at the ripe age of 96, having dedicated his life to yoga and having improved its accessibility to a wide range of practitioners worldwide through the use of props. He left an incredible legacy and touched many lives.

In this workshop led by Florence Lefebvre we will work on deepening or revisiting familiar poses using bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, chairs and even Pilates balls! Through this careful exploration we will discover how props can (in the words of the great man himself) "awaken the intelligence of the body" - and give us a better sense of what poses are supposed to feel like.

Please note, this is not an Iyengar workshop, but rather a modest tribute to a wonderful man!

Props Workshop with Florence Lefebvre
When: Sunday 30th November
Time: 1.15pm to 3.45pm
Cost: £30
Beginners Yoga Workshop

If you’re new to yoga, chances are you’re feeling a bit unsure about the postures and breathing. Often during classes there’s not enough time to explore the elements of each posture in sufficient detail to ensure you’re doing it properly and not forming bad habits. Wouldn’t it be great if you could slowly and carefully work through the basic yoga postures and sequences with the opportunity to stop and ask questions? Now’s your chance!

Focused on the fundamentals of yoga, this comprehensive workshop is designed to boost your confidence and equip you with the tools you need to make the very most of your yoga practice. Led by Kavi Kumar, the workshop will begin with an introduction to the ancient roots of yoga. You will then explore the key postures in a typical beginners class including sun salutations, seated exercises and twists - carefully going through each asana (pose) with a detailed explanation of alignment, breath and technique to help you achieve ease, stability and safety in your yoga practice.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. No previous yoga experience necessary. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Photo courtesy of Kalpana Kumar © 

Beginners Yoga Workshop with Kavi Kumar
When: Saturday 6th December
Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Cost: £25.00