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Yoga, Meditation & More…Join us for Workshops & Events at Embody Wellness

Embody is proud to host a broad range of events, workshops and courses throughout the year. For information on hiring our studio for your event, please click here.

Reiki: 20-min taster sessions

Originating in Japan, Reiki is a gentle, holistic treatment that promotes a blissful state of relaxation and brings relief from the hectic pace of daily life. Through this deep level of relaxation, your body is free to work through blockages that may be inhibiting your wellbeing.

Benefits from Reiki can include stress relief, deep relaxation, detoxification and deep cleansing, release of emotional and energetic blockages, increase in personal energy and vitality, strengthening of the body's natural healing abilities and immune system, and a healthy mind-body connection.

Join Reiki Master Monica Brunello for an opportunity to experience the power of Reiki first hand with these special 20-minute taster sessions.

Reiki is a fully-clothed treatment so please dress comfortably.

To book your session, please visit reception or call Embody on 020 7099 0048.

Reiki at Embody Wellness in Vauxhall South London
When: Saturday 5th September
Time: 1pm - 5pm
Cost: £15
Pilates Technique

Looking to get the most from your Pilates workouts? Join Corrie McCallum for this fun and informative workshop which will focus on refining and improving your Pilates technique and on deepening your knowledge of the many important principles behind the Pilates Method.

Pilates can be a remarkably effective form of exercise offering significant benefits to our overall health and wellbeing, but to achieve this each exercise must be performed correctly and with confidence. This involves a keen awareness of breath, alignment and stability, and requires concentration, stamina and co-ordination - all of which can be learned and which will make a huge difference to your Pilates sessions.

Pilates Technique with Corrie McCallum at Embody Wellness
When: Saturday 12th September
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Cost: £25