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Yoga, Meditation & More…Join us for Workshops & Events at Embody Wellness

Embody is proud to host a broad range of events, workshops and courses throughout the year. For information on hiring our studio for your event, please click here.

Open Your Heart - A Yin & Restorative Yoga Workshop

In this special heart-themed February workshop led by Paula Hines we will practice a mix of restorative yoga poses to open the heart space in the physical body and yin yoga poses to stimulate the heart and small intestine meridians which govern our capacity to love and be loved. Imbalanced heart and small intestine Qi can result in digestive problems, heartburn, poor circulation, heart problems and low moods. When heart Qi is balanced we can have a greater ability to connect with others, feel more vitality, joy and inner peace.

Yin and restorative yoga are both deep, meditative practices which activate the parasympathetic nervous system (calming the body's fight/flight response). Poses can typically held for 3 to 10 minutes or longer. In yin, the focus is on moving deeper into the connective tissues of the body (ligaments, tendons and fascia – the cling-film-like ‘tissue’ which holds our muscles together), while in restorative the emphasis is more on facilitating physiological rest to promote deep relaxation. 

We will close our workshop practice with a calming Yoga Nidra (‘Yogic Sleep’) meditation.

Open to all levels except pregnant students.

Yin Yoga with Paula Hines
When: Saturday 27th February
Time: 1.45pm to 3.45pm
Cost: £25
The Element Series: Yoga Workshops with Claire Hawkins

Everything in nature, including the structure of our own body-mind, is made up of the basic elements of earth, water, fire and air. Through consciously working through yoga to purify and balance these elements, we will learn how to attain and maintain health, strength, power, wisdom and happiness.

In this series of workshops led by Claire Hawkins we will explore each element through the physical body, the breath and through guided meditation, maintaining full awareness as we practice.

Element 3 - Fire

Solar power - a strong core, arm balance and dynamic flow class

In this workshop we learn to step up to the heat! It’s easy to be afraid of fire but if we control and harness its power it can lead to a vibrant and exciting experience. Together we will flow through a dynamic Vinyasa incorporating core muscles and strength work. With respect and with a light heart we will also tackle our fears in order to play with arm balances and going upside down!

Suitable for all levels except complete yoga beginners and pregnant students.

Claire Hawkin's Element Workshop Series
When: Sunday 28th February
Time: 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Cost: £25
Yoga Essentials for Radiance: The Magic of Breath

Join Meredith Gunderson for the first in a series of monthly mini-yoga-retreats designed to make the most of modern life.

The focus of this month’s workshop is on freeing and deepening our breath, allowing us to transform not only our yoga practice but also our entire wellbeing. According to ancient yogic texts, when we learn how to work with the breath, our full and unique luminosity is revealed. Modern life however plays havoc on our posture, and when our posture is poor our breath becomes shallow and its effectiveness is compromised.

To remedy this, our mini retreat begins with an asana practice designed to support full breathing - tall spines, open hearts, relaxed shoulders, soft face, calm disposition and an overall openness and steadiness in the trunk.  From here we will explore the breath with comfortable yet deeply effective practices.  You will oxygenate your entire body, calm your mind and feel wonderfully rebalanced.  Get ready to feel radiant!

This mini retreat is suitable for all levels but if you are entirely new to yoga please let the teacher know.

When: Saturday 5th March
Time: 1.45pm to 3.45pm
Cost: £25
Yoga Improver Workshop

Designed as the ideal follow-on for students who have completed our beginners yoga course, this special 2-hour workshop is also perfect for anyone with previous yoga experience wanting to refine and progress their practice.

The workshop will be taught by Hanna Campbell who will be offering useful tips and expert guidance to help you grow confidence, strength and flexibility as you review and advance key yoga techniques and postures.

When: Saturday 12th March
Time: 1.45pm to 3.45pm
Cost: £25
Meditation, Mindfulness & Sound

Join Doretta Natalucci for this calming and enlightening exploration of meditation and mindfulness designed to give you invaluable tips and techniques for finding inner peace amongst the chaos of daily life.

In this workshop the focus will be exploring meditation techniques which incorporate sound. For thousands of years, sound has been used for meditation and healing, and it's well documented that there are naturally occurring sounds and tones which vibrate at a frequency that benefit us both physically and spiritually.

When we use sound during meditation, we are able to go beyond the chattering mind and achieve a more blissful state, and when we meditate regularly, we begin to enjoy increased energy levels, reduced levels of stress, improved concentration and better sleep quality. Regular meditation can also inspire you to develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness - qualities that benefit both you and those around you!

Doretta's workshops are ideal for beginners as well as experienced practitioners looking to diversify and deepen their meditation experience.

When: Sunday 20th March
Time: 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Cost: £25
Dynamic Alignment - An introduction to the Franklin Method

At its core, the Franklin Method is about using imagery to help improve awareness and understanding of our bodies so that we can enjoy better posture, better quality of movement, and better health.

During this special introductory workshop led by Monique Beaumont we will explore the origins and benefits of the Franklin Method. Through imagery and anatomical teaching, we will also explore our physical structure, with a particular focus on getting to know our centre and the bone rhythms of the pelvis. A greater understanding of this important area of the body gives us aligned strength through the pelvic floor, a sense of buoyancy through the spine, and a stable platform through a rooted connection with the earth.

No previous experience required.

Monique Beaumont Franklin Method at Embody Wellness
When: Saturday 9th April
Time: 1.45pm to 3.45pm
Cost: £25